Hygienic Assessment of the Working Environment of Employees in Interventional Medicine


  • M.P. Tsimakuridze Tbilisi State Medical University
  • N.N. Giorgadze Tbilisi State Medical University




Working Environment, Occupational Hazard, Hygienic Assessment, Catheterization Laboratory


The study aimed to identify the peculiarities of the working conditions of the medical staff employed in specialized procedures in the cardiac catheterization laboratories of the specialized clinics.The study found that the catheterization laboratory: 25% of cases did not meet the standard requirements, the internal area was on average 41-43 m2, instead of the minimum 47 m2; the average
height of the ceiling was 2.7 m, instead of 3 m; the walls and floor of the catheterization laboratory were not treated with X-ray-resistant material (in 7% of the clinics); 30% of the research facilities didn’t have adequate lead sealing of the Procedure Room door; 7-8% of the surveyed facilities did not have a well-functioning ventilation system; In 17% of the surveyed cases the autonomous power source system of the coronary angiography was located so close to the laboratory that the noise level in the Control Room (in the remote control room) exceeded the maximum permissible noise level, which created discomfort during the operations.A study of the use of personal protective equipment (to reduce the dose of radiation) by medical personnel revealed that: the staff did't use protective glasses (98%); 7-8% did't use thyroid protection collar during the procedure;) 92% did't use small pelvic and gonad protective lead aprons; 67% did't attach the dosimeter to the body during the procedure; 98% of the staff did't use a special shield to reduce radiation in the procedure; 1-2% of the medical staff taking part in the procedure is in the usual medical uniform.
Conclusion: the profession of interventionists belongs to the group of tense and stressful work, but
radiation safety requirements are not fully implemented in the workplace.




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Tsimakuridze, M., & Giorgadze, N. (2021). Hygienic Assessment of the Working Environment of Employees in Interventional Medicine. Radiobiology and Radiation Safety, 1(2), 93–100. https://doi.org/10.48614/rrs120213308