About the Journal


In 2021, the only specialized English-language scientific journal "Radiobiology and Radiation Safety" was established in Georgia, which reflects the modern aspects of the development of this field. At the modern stage of human development, the world is actively developing nuclear energy, radiation medicine and numerous radiation technologies, which require the need to accumulate knowledge about the expected negative consequences and predict the level of risks. Therefore, it is of special importance to conduct thorough scientific research related to radiation and to study radiation safety issues, which is the main concept of the aforementioned journal. The journal aims to integrate intensive scientific research work with major centers of radiobiology in different countries of the world, to deepen the information-consulting relationship and to identify priority areas. Priority areas and methodology set by us - General radiobiology, Radiation Protection and Safety, Medical Radiobiology and Radiology, Radioecology, Radiation and Nuclear Physics and Agrarian Radiobiology - are in line with current scientific research issues in the world. Two issues are published annually.