Influence of Metal Ions After One Year Repeated Irradiation of Spirulina Platensis


  • E.S. Gelagutashvili Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University E. Andronikashvili Institute of Physics



Combined effects of Cs137gamma irradiation and heavy metal ions Ni(II), Zn(II), Cu(II), Mg(II), Mn(II), Cr(III), Cr(VI), Co(II),Pb(II),Cd(II) on Spirulina platensis cells using UV-VIS spectrometryafter one year again repeated cultivation, irradiation and recultivation were discussed. It was shown, that possible use of gamma irradiation together with Ni(II),Cr(III), Cu(II),Pb(II), Cd(II),Co(II) and Zn(II) ions does not change nature of interaction of these metal ions on Spirulina platensis. In the case combined effects of ionizing radiation and Mg(II) ions for Spirulina platensis exhibit synergetic effects for all components of Spirulina platensis as a stimulatory agent to raise the contents of it. This trend is seen to continue for all constituents of Spirulina platensis when these metal ions were added in vitro after one year irradiation and recultivation. Chromium (VI) does not contribute to a decrease in absorption intensity unlike Cr(III) and Cu(II). Influence of these metal ions on the constituent (Chl a, Phycocyanin, soret band of Chl a) of cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis differs from its effectiveness.




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Gelagutashvili, E. (2021). Influence of Metal Ions After One Year Repeated Irradiation of Spirulina Platensis. Radiobiology and Radiation Safety, 1(2), 43–48.